For a little context…

The posts you see below (from 2011) were all articles written by we-got-the-beats’ owner (and official music whore) Tony Cicalese for his “Sound Insights” column in a local magazine.  The magazine went under in July of that year (hmmm…) but we decided to start our blog off with them for some context.  In some cases Tony will post notes or updates to those old columns in italics like this.  We’ll go forward beginning in June 2012 with new reviews, rants, etc. as things happen that are worthy of comment.

WARNING:  Tony is opinionated (but usually correct.)  He enjoys sincere, intelligent debate, so feel free to agree or argue.  He is currently very uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person, but it seems the grammatically correct thing to do(?)


1 thought on “For a little context…

  1. Thanks for the insights shared about the artist. It is refreshing to see a site that like this that can be a reference to deeper references to a cd. I look forward to more. Keep up the great work!

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