Rolling in the Bleep?


OK, I do not get the whole Adele thing.  Somebody needs to write in and explain it to me.  I really enjoyed her beautifully emotional first song, “Chasing Pavements.”  But when I hear “Rolling In The Deep” only one thing pops into my head: tomahawks.  It   makes me think of Native Americans with tomahawks, hunting or something.

And while I appreciate the sentiment “We could have had it all” (although Whitney Houston expressed it with more feeling and even Tiffany’s “Coulda Been” captured it better) what the heck does “rolling in the deep” actually mean?   (Bleep)ing in tall grass?

I also like the line, “You had my heart inside your hand – and you played it to the beat” because I love when a song references a music or another song or itself, like when Mariah Carey mentioned “the pain reflected in this song ain’t even half of what I’m feeling inside” and Right Said Fred said “I’m too sexy for this song.”  Well honey, I’m apparently too sexy for Rolling In The Deep because I don’t get it.

Side note to those of you who are not Adele:  please don’t try to sing it.  She at least nails her wail.  You all sound like an animal those Native Americans caught up to with their tomahawks.

Local Girl Does Us Proud

ImageOne woman I have no problem understanding is the amazingly energetic Beverly McClellan, one of the finalists on “The Voice.”  (By the time you read this, we may already know if she has won the whole shebang.)

What I somehow didn’t know until recently was that Beverly is our own hometown artist, performing at places like New Moon (hi Carol, love ya!) and J’s Hangout.  (Wow, I’ve been missing her shows all this time?  You girls really know how to keep a secret!)  According to local fan Ronni Dowd, “She’s been entertaining locally for over 20 years. Bev is just one of those people that always has a smile on her face and you just know she will never forget us even when she climbs to the top, which I am quite sure she is in the process of doing.”

I was impressed with Beverly from the beginning on “The Voice.”  She has a raw talent, fantastic vocal ability, and just this intense, almost urgency to her delivery.  Taking out Frenchie Davis in the semi-finals is no small feat, and I love Frenchie since her too-brief American Idol appearance, but I think Bev beat her fair and square.  I   thought Christina had a great concept taking Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” to its   logically gospelly heights, but I think Frenchie’s delivery was missing something – maybe she just hadn’t gotten comfortable with the idea yet.

Beverly’s performance of B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone,” however, wasn’t missing a damned thing.

Congratulations so far Bev – we’re rooting for ya!

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