I Miss My Dance Radio Station

South Florida has been without a dance music radio station for a long time now, and I really miss it.

Remember Party 93.1?  I used to joke that they played the same 13 songs over and over again – and they kind of did – but it was great, especially in the summer, to drive around during the day and be able to hear stuff you normally would only hear in the clubs at night.

That was back when the crazy beeping and beats of Darude’s instrumental “Sandstorm” were ubiquitous, and the similarly sounding “The Launch” by DJ Jean and “Omnibus” by Laut Sprechter.  (My friend Amy used to say she hated that one because it sounded like somebody was honking their horn from behind when she was driving.)

Also when I think of that station, “Silence” by Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan comes to mind, and of course a pair of tracks by Ian Van Dahl: “Castles In The Sky,” and one of my favorites, “Will I.”  (“Will – I ever love you – again…”)  I love the way that song just explodes in the middle.  It was great to hear nice and loud at Boom at night, too.

And they still played relative “oldies” like “Sexual (Li Da Di)” by Amber which will forever remind me of Bill Hallquist at the Sea Monster.  That was long before that radio station came about, but I had the best time for awhile there every Sunday, first bartending the early shift at Alibi and then heading right over to the New River to dance all night.

Party 93.1 went on the air almost 10 years ago – New Year’s Eve 2001, and went off the air sometime in 2004.  It was replaced by an alternative rock station, which more recently became an ultra-lite station, playing stuff by Barry Manilow and Air Supply and the like (OK, I love it.  Guilty.)

But it’s not my dance music.

Well the good news is:  Party 93.1 is actually still on the air! (sort of.)  If you go to www.party931.com and click on “Listen Live” – presto!  Instant dance channel in the background while you work.  I have been listening all morning as I type this and loving it!! They still play some of those same 13 songs! (HA ha!) Actually there is a link where you can see everything they’ve played in the last 48 hours (which is great when you want to know, “Who sings this?”)  A quick scan of that page shows some of the old staples like “Heaven” by DJ Sammy and “Take Me Away” by 4 Strings, as well as brand new stuff (dance versions of course) like Rihanna’s “S&M” and J-Lo’s “On The Floor.”  WOO HOO!

With slightly more effort, you can also hear it on the radio – even a car radio.  How?  Simple – you just have to purchase an HD radio.  They make them for the car as well as regular portable radios.  They are not too expensive (I’ve seen them for around $50 on ebay – even less for the car radios) and unlike satellite radio there is no monthly subscription fee.  However they do have really nice “digital quality” sound as apposed to regular radio stations.  And you will get a bunch of other extra radio stations as well as the standard ones already on your dial.

Hmm…that just might be worth it for me to drive around listening to my favorite dance station again.  Party on!

Party 93.1’s Top 5 songs of 2002:

1. Silence – Delerium with Sarah Mclachlan
2. Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bedingfield
3. Turn The Tide – Sylver
4. Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
5. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) – IIO

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